Monopoly Live Mega 2,080x Win Gives Away $3,611,000

This particular round of Monopoly Live gave us tasty wins, bad jokes, two Chances, and a 2 Rolls bonus. Apart from the fact that the host was a little bit annoying with his not-so-successful jokes and an irritating winner’s dance, the round was a huge success, with a total prize being $3,611,000.

Two Chance segments resulted in a delicious 40x multiplier. The third spin of the Wheel delivered a 2 Rolls Bonus. Two rolls turned into four rolls, thanks to two doubles landing at the very beginning. In the end, the total multiplier was 2,080x.

Bad Jokes and Two Chances

While the host was ruining a perfectly nice joke about wives and divorces, Rich uncle Pennybags was sitting quietly in his chair, reading his newspapers. We all know him as a jolly man, but this time he wasn’t laughing. Fortunately for all players, the Monopoly Wheel stopped on the Chance segment, revealing a 4x multiplier.

Our annoying host did not take a hint from his more experienced colleague, and he continued with his mediocre jokes during the next spin of the Wheel. Once again, the stopper pointed to the Chance segment, delivering a 10x multiplier, which meant that players had a total 40x multiplier. This is when probably everybody prayed to God for the host to continue with his annoying jokes because they had obviously done the trick and affected the performance of the Wheel.

Live Monopoly: Mega 2,080x Win Gives Away $3,611,000
Once again, the stopper pointed to the Chance segment, delivering a 10x multiplier, which meant that players had a total 40x multiplier!

Third Spin of Live Monopoly Wheel Delivers 2 Rolls

If two successive Chances hadn’t been sufficient proof on how the host affected the Wheel, then the following spin certainly was. The third spin of the Wheel was also successful, landing the pointer on the 2 Rolls field. It seems that even Mr Monopoly was eager to leave the room and go to the board. While the host was doing his interesting winner’s dance, Monopoly Man ran out of the studio.

Before the round started, the 40x multiplier had boosted all the fields on the board. The first roll of the dice delivered doubles (6+6), taking the old man to the Electric Company, rewarding players with a 200x multiplier. Just when we thought that it could not get any better than that, another double six appeared on the screen. Monopoly Man’s next stop was Trafalgar Square with a 480x multiplier.

Since doubles deliver extra rolls, players had two more rolls of the dice. The third roll took the old man to Coventry Street, and the final roll made him stop on Bond Street, delivering 400x and 1,000x multipliers respectively. The final multiplier was 2,080x, with the total prize pool being $3,611,000. The top win of the round was $468,000.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.


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