Monopoly Live pays out €430,115 to 485 lucky winners

One of the gamers who played Live Monopoly on 19th July 2020 was good enough to release a video in which 485 lucky winners won a share of €430,115, earning a place in our Big Wins section. Such a hot day in July simply demanded some hot action on the board, and Rich Uncle Pennybags did not disappoint during his stroll.

As the lady in the green dress spun the Wheel, she kept her fingers crossed for the Wheel to land on one of the Rolls segments and, fortunately for all of the gamers in the round, the power of her wish delivered a 4 Rolls segment.

What happened before the old Monopoly Man got on the board?

Let us start from the beginning. The video begins with the lovely lady in the green dress spinning the Wheel, while the old man is sitting in his chair, sipping his tea. He soon had to get up, since the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment.

Monopoly Live Pays Out €430,115 to 485 Lucky Winners
Monopoly Live Pays Out €430,115 to 485 Lucky Winners

The Chance card revealed a sweet 10x multiplier, but that was not all. Rich Uncle Pennybags did not get an opportunity to get back to his chair since the very next spin of the Wheel got him to the board. Our beautiful host had made a wish before the spin that the Wheel should stop on one of the Rolls segments, and her wish came through. The 4 Rolls segment is where the Wheel stopped.

Mr Monopoly’s initial stroll was not promising

Excitement rose as the old man got on the board, with all the fields getting a boost thanks to the 10x multiplier. The first roll gave players double fours, which secured them an extra roll, but the number four made Mr Monopoly land on the Income Tax field, so some of the money was lost.

This was soon forgotten, with the 60x multiplier delivered by the second roll of the dice. After stopping at Euston Road, Rich Uncle Pennybags continued to Marlborough Street, where a 180x multiplier was waiting. The he moved to the Fenchurch Train Station, which carried a 50x multiplier, and ended his stroll on the Regent Street with a 250x multiplier.

After delivering all lucky winners a tasty 540x multiplier, Mr Monopoly returned to his chair. Meanwhile, a total of 485 winners won a share of €430,115. Not bad for a hot day in July.

To view the video of the gameplay, click here.

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