Monopoly Live Pays Out €5.29 Million After One of the Biggest Multipliers Ever

It is big win time again in the Monopoly Live world, and you better take a seat for this one because it is huge. Monopoly Live has proven to be a rewarding game time and time again in the past but this particular round we will take you through on this page stands among the top 5 rounds of all time according to the reward total.

Such an immense win does not require high stakes, at least in Monopoly Live. The stake that was invested was barely €10. The win just kept building up from there, thanks to the wheel landing on Chance and then landing 4 Rolls in the bonus feature. The players ultimately benefited from a massive 2,224x multiplier! When all was said and done, the round paid out €5.29 million and each of the top 10 winners left the studio as happy campers.

Monopoly Live Chance segment triggers an 8x multiplier
Monopoly Live Chance segment triggers an 8x multiplier

The Money Wheel Offers a Chance… A Chance to Win Big!

Whilst chatting with players, the charismatic host Ronijs nonchalantly spun the big money wheel and as the anticipation kept growing, the stopper indicated the Chance segment at the end of the spin. At that moment, Mr. Monopoly, who was sipping his virtual tea in the lounge chair, stood up and presented the Chance card.

The options, as we all know, are either a random cash prize or a random multiplier bonus. It was a multiplier bonus of 8x! That meant the wheel needs to be put into motion once again. The round kicked of promisingly with the Chance segment and now an 8x multiplier trigger got everyone excited. Just applying the multiplier would bring sizeable winnings all around, but it was only the beginning.

4 Rolls Bonus Game Gets the Crowd Ecstatic

Funnily enough, one of the participants called out the 4 Rolls bonus game in the chat seconds before it was actually activated by the money wheel. As professed, the wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment, which thrilled both the players and the host.

The lovely Mr. Monopoly introduced everyone to the round and the rolls began. On the first roll, the result of 2+3 got the player landing at Kings Cross Station with a 40x multiplier. The second roll resulted in a 4 and a 6, which led Mr. Monopoly to take a walk to Marylebone Station. Again, a 40x multiplier. Rolling again, the result was Doubles. Landing at Coventry Street brought a multiplier of 64x. Next time, 1+5 did not get Mr. Monopoly any further than the Community Chest.

The fifth roll was the most lucrative one. The dice showed a 1 and a 3, which took Mr. Monopoly to Park Lane to collect a whooping 2,000x multiplier! As one of the players in the chat said – epic! The total bonus game win was €22,250 and once every player was paid the prize value amounted to €5,291,776. It was the fourth-highest multiplier awarded in Monopoly Live and the round had the biggest payout in 2021.

It can be done, guys, it can be done!

Monopoly Live Pays Out €5.29 Million After One of the Biggest Multipliers Ever
Monopoly Live Pays Out €5.29 Million After One of the Biggest Multipliers Ever

Take a look at the list of the top 10 winner in this round:

  1. hakan_5:19415602 – €500,250
  2. Orso – €500,250
  3. Alber – €222,500
  4. Jagfes – €189,125
  5. lindos19** – €111,250
  6. 3stinimilan – €111,250
  7. Ayoub888 – €102,219
  8. Bacco68 – €77,875
  9. 12345 – €68,146
  10. CryptoGod88 – €55,859

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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