Monopoly Live round brings €641,715 to 804 players

Prepare yourselves for another exciting round of Monopoly Live ! This time, we have a real treat for you. You will see how a lovely lady host in a beautiful golden dress delivered two Chances and one 4 Rolls Bonus in only three spins of the Wheel.

Also, you will see how Mr Monopoly gave away a nice 448x multiplier during his stay on the board. Despite the fact the old man had spent the last two rolls behind bars, the total win of €641,715 was shared among 804 players.

Monopoly Wheel delivers successive Chances

While Mr Monopoly was drinking his tea, our lovely host was spinning the Wheel, talking to contestants. The first spin of the video ended up on the Chance segment. The old man stood up and revealed a 4x multiplier. This had been only the beginning because the real excitement was coming.

It seemed that Rich uncle Pennybags had a feeling something else was about to happen. He was still standing next to the Wheel on the following spin. Our beautiful host did not want to look at the Wheel before it stopped. Her superstition had done the trick, and the stopper pointed to another Chance. The second multiplier was set at 8x, meaning that the total multiplier of the round was 32x.

Monopoly Man ends his stroll in Jail

Monopoly Man ends his stroll in Jail

It was time for the third spin. The tension was mounting, and the host was screaming in excitement. The Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls section, taking Monopoly Man straight to the board. Before the round had started, all fields were boosted with a 32x total multiplier previously acquired from two Chances.

The first roll of the dice delivered the biggest multiplier of the round. The old man walked straight to Pentonville Road to grab a 196x multiplier. The second roll took him Community Chest, which delivered a 96x multiplier.

It seemed that the round would get more exciting when the third roll of the dice delivered doubles and made Mr Monopoly go to Vine Street, where a 160x multiplier had been waiting. Unfortunately, the following roll forced Rich uncle Pennybags to go to the Go to Jail field. Despite the fact there had been one more spin available, the old man had to stay in Jail.

Monopoly Live round brings €641,715 to 804 players
Monopoly Live round brings €641,715 to 804 players

Nevertheless, the round was quite successful, delivering a total 448x multiplier, and sharing €641,715 among 804 lucky winners.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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