Monopoly Live: $3,803,840 shared among 3,223 winners

February is really a month of big wins on Monopoly Live. Another proof for this statement comes from a video released by The Monopoly King. You will see how an interesting 4 Rolls Bonus turns bets into tasty payouts, with a little help from the Chance segment. The first spin of the Wheel resulted in a Chance, which brought an 8x multiplier.

That was only the beginning because the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls Bonus during the following spin. The end result is a massive $3,803,840 total win, shared among 3,223 winners. The biggest payout of the round was $444,500.

First Monopoly Live roll brings doubles

The video we are describing takes us immediately to the board, so we need to describe to you what happened before. A lovely hostess in a gorgeous red dress was spinning the Wheel, talking to competitors, while the old man was sitting in his chair. Once the Wheel had stopped at the Chance segment, Rich uncle Pennybags stood up and revealed a tasty 8x multiplier.

The following spin of the Wheel was even more successful. Monopoly Man did not have a chance to return to his seat, because the stopper pointed to the 4 Rolls Bonus. Once he entered the board and random multipliers were applied to fields it was time for the 8x multiplier to do its magic. The very first roll of the dice delivered doubles, securing 5 rolls in total in this round.

The second roll took Monopoly Man to Northumberland Avenue, delivering a 120x multiplier

The stroll ended in Park Lane

The first stop was at The Angel Islington, where a 16x multiplier had been waiting. Monopoly Man had hoped for big numbers in the following rolls, but the dice were not prepared to grant his wish. Even so, the second roll took the old man to Northumberland Avenue, delivering a 120x multiplier. Both the second and the third roll of the dice displayed the same numbers, 3 and 5, but the third roll was not as successful as the second, taking Rich uncle Pennybags to Chance. Players inherited an 80x multiplier.

Roll number 4 resulted in a 72x multiplier, taking the old man to Piccadilly. During the final roll of the dice, everybody had been hoping for a visit to Mayfair, which could have delivered the biggest multiplier of the round. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Instead, Mr Monopoly decided to visit Park Lane, giving players a 600x multiplier on the final roll.

The final result was a very good 888x multiplier, and a massive total win of $3,803,840, shared among 3,223 players.

Here is the list of the top 10 winners:

  1. Raja35 – $444,500
  2. alshmaryyyyyy – $222,250
  3. Chris – $101,661
  4. 4. Amine – $93,196
  5. Jjg – $77,409
  6. protagonist – $77,328
  7. uggjj – $74,041
  8. Aaz – $62,130
  9. Yassiiiii – $50,830
  10. IImjj – $35,055

You can watch the entire round play out here ( and share the excitement.

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