Live Monopoly: Multipliers doubled as old man passes GO

Thanks to Proxii TV, we had the pleasure of watching an interesting video concerning a certain round at a Monopoly Live Casino that took place in July 2020. The Monopoly Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment and took the old man to the board. His stroll resulted in a 97x total multiplier. The total amount won was $98,236, shared among 824 lucky winners.

As usual, Mr Monopoly had been reading his papers, hoping for a quiet afternoon, when the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment. Rich Uncle Pennybags took his cane and went to the board, hoping to win some money for the players.

The First Roll Results in a Doubles

Once the old man got to the board, the usual multipliers were added to certain fields. As Lady Luck would have it, the first roll of the dice resulted in double threes, giving players an extra roll, and taking Monopoly Man to the Angel Islington, where a 2x win multiplier had been waiting.

Live Monopoly: Multipliers doubled as old man passes GO
Live Monopoly: Multipliers doubled as old man passes GO

His next stop was Bow Street, offering a 4x multiplier. After that, the old man went to Fenchurch St, rewarding gamers with a 5x multiplier. Roll number 4 was also a lucky one, since double six appeared, rushing Mr Monopoly to Park Lane, surprising players with a tasty 75x multiplier. 

Fifth Roll Doubles Multipliers on the Board

The fifth roll of the dice allowed Monopoly Man to pass the Go field, instantly doubling all multipliers on the board. The final roll delivered a 10x multiplier, after which the old man returned to the studio.

In the end, the multiplier totalled 97x, which was not bad, and 824 players got their share of the $98,236 prize.

The top winner of the round was Shapla29, pocketing $12,191. Here is the list of the top 10 winners of the round:

  1. Shapla29 – $12,191
  2. amna11111 – $5,162
  3. Fahad – $4,850
  4. SVAKIMECH – $3,879
  5. Branckesque – $2,771
  6. Benny – $1,773
  7. BUGATTI777 – $1,611
  8. pz155349 – $1,359
  9. 575 – $1,349
  10. Sofien – $1,273

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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