Monopoly betting: Over €4,000,000 won as 80x multiplier is applied to 4 rolls bonus

One cold day in February proved very fortunate for quite a few of Monopoly Betting fans as an incredible multiplier preceded a 4 Rolls Bonus! A mind-blowing total of €4,063,417 was shared among 478 players who were participating and the top payout of the round was €444,719!

A series of lucky events lead to a mouth-watering win multiplier of 6,400x in the Bonus round. Of course, the usernames of the lucky winners were not revealed, but we reckon that was a really happy group of gamers.

How Did the Monopoly Multiplier Get So Big?

The Monopoly Bonus Round multipliers usually do not get too big, as 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls bonus rounds often leave players craving for more. On 19th February 2020, Lady Luck decided to interfere and drive the Monopoly Live Wheel to some insane multipliers.

The first spin landed on the Chance segment, revealing an 8x multiplier, and that was no big surprise. The respin landed again on Chance, showing a 10x multiplier, which got all the players quite excited.


The excitement went through the roof as the respin landed on 4 Rolls, meaning that all bonus round payouts were going to be multiplied by staggering 80x. When the first dice roll resulted in double sixes, the gamers probably knew they were in for a real treat.

Players then watched Mr. Monopoly walk through the board, revealing 400x, 1600x, 3200x, 400x, and finishing his stroll on the 800x multiplier. As a result, the total multiplier was 6,400x, which remains one of the highest up to date.

What Were the Highest Monopoly Live Payouts?

Since the wins were quite big, the casino did not reveal the usernames of the lucky winners, but they did reveal the biggest wins of the round, and we can say that some of the payouts were huge indeed. The luckiest among the players received life-changing €444,719, while second-best walked away with cool €160,025 in his pockets.

Here is the list of top-six winners:

  1. €444,719
  2. €160,025
  3. €148,239
  4. €124,483
  5. €118,591
  6. €106,732

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