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Monopoly Live Whitehall
Monopoly Live Big Wins 03-05-2023

Monopoly Live treats early birds with €654,411

We are positive that there will be loads of Monopoly Live players from Europe that will be sad not to start their day early on April 20th, 2023, when they read this review. Also, we are certain that the few European early birds, as well as plenty of other players from the rest of the world, are now happy with the fact that they did not miss a chance to pocket a share of €654,411.

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Monopoly Man ends his stroll on Piccadilly
Monopoly Live Big Wins 14-04-2023

Monopoly Live round delivers a €377,177 win

The newest story from the Monopoly Live studio brought joy to 1,460 players. It was an extraordinary round with plenty of action. You will see some singing, dancing, and a little bit of screaming from our dazzling host. As for Mr Monopoly, he did his part and tried to secure the biggest-possible multiplier for all contestants.

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Monopoly Live: 2 Rolls Bonus delivers two big wins
Monopoly Live Big Wins 05-04-2023

Monopoly Live host ends dry spell with 4-Roll Bonus and €403,906 win

This will be a really hot spring, judging from the latest Monopoly Live Big Wins story. The gorgeous host was about to end her shift when she rewarded 1,524 players with a tasty €403,906 win. All of this happened because of a 4 Rolls Bonus turned into 5 Rolls!

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Monopoly Man Ends His Stroll on Park Lane
Monopoly Live Big Wins 30-03-2023

Chance and 4 rolls reward 897 Monopoly Live players with €323,957

The beginning of Spring is bringing loads of rewarding rounds from the Monopoly Live studio, hence giving us plenty of material for our stories. The latest tale involves a familiar host, a Chance, a 4 Rolls Bonus, and one Doubles. Such a combination was destined to bring a massive total win.

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2 Rolls Bonus Delivers a Double six
Monopoly Live Big Wins 24-03-2023

Monopoly Live: 2 Rolls Bonus Delivers a €322,441 Win

Prepare yourselves for another exciting story from the Live Monopoly Big Wins section. Mr Monopoly decided to celebrate the end of winter with an exciting 2 Rolls Bonus round. A total of 1,036 winners toasted the arrival of spring thanks to a total win of €322,441.

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Monopoly Live Oxford Street 300x Multiplier
Monopoly Live Big Wins 06-03-2023

Monopoly Live host’s last two spins of the day deliver €584,644

There is no better way to end your shift than bringing a smile to 1,586 faces. That is what happened in the latest story coming from the exciting Monopoly Live studio.

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Double Chance Spins Creates Huge 4 Rolls Bonus
Monopoly Live Big Wins 13-02-2023

Monopoly Live Chance & 4 Rolls Bonus fetch a 500x for a total win of €661,419

Players simply love to see Rich uncle Pennybags on the Monopoly Live board. Especially when there is a multiplier boost previously acquired from the Chance segment.

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Monopoly Man went on a short stroll to Regent Street, where he collected a 45x multiplier.
Monopoly Live Big Wins 03-02-2023

1,916 Monopoly Live players get a 504x and share €526,431

The end of January was pretty exciting in the Monopoly Live Studio. We have an excellent round on our hands, with a total win of €526,431. Only two spins of the Wheel were needed for a Chance segment and the 4 Rolls Bonus.

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Monopoly Live Big Win - 4 Rolls Bonus
Monopoly Live Big Wins 26-01-2023

Monopoly Live host ends shift with a €550,969 payout

When the third spin of the Wheel resulted in the 4 Rolls Bonus, the host almost lost his mind and started celebrating. The old man was ready to go for a stroll, carrying a 20x multiplier that would boost all the fields on the board.

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Monopoly Man Ends His Stroll on Mayfair, for a 200x multiplier, securing a total multiplier of 256x
Monopoly Live Big Wins 16-01-2023

4 Rolls Bonus awards Monopoly Live players with €100,687

The New Year started with an exciting round of Monopoly Live, where the smart-looking host helped players land tasty wins. Once again, the old man had been taken straight to the board, where he marched directly to the biggest individual multiplier of the round.

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