Monopoly Live Big Wins

Read about the latest big wins on Evolution’s Monopoly Live Game Show. We update this feed every week. Check out the best Monopoly Live wins here!

Monopoly Live 2 rolls bonus
Monopoly Live Big Wins 29-12-2022

Monopoly Live: 2 Rolls Bonus for an €829,541 Win

See how a 2 Rolls Bonus turns into 5 rolls with the little help of Doubles. The result is a total win of €829,541, shared among 1,616 winners. It took only one spin of the Wheel and the 2 Rolls Bonus, which turned into 5 rolls, with a little help of doubles.

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Rich uncle Pennybags landed on Mayfair, for a 500x!
Monopoly Live Big Wins 22-12-2022

Christmas Comes Early for 2,647 Monopoly Live Winners

Christmas came early for 2,647 Monopoly Live players as the first spin of the Wheel delivered a 2 Rolls Bonus, and Monopoly Man turned back-to-back rolls into doubles for total multiplier of 526x, and a total win of €1,192,452.

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2,451 Monopoly Live winners share €1.5m
Monopoly Live Big Wins 16-12-2022

€1.5 million shared between 2,451 Monopoly Live winners

Even though we are in the middle of December, it is always hot in the Monopoly Live studio. We have another exciting round on our hands, with a joyful host and a generous Mr. Monopoly.

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Monopoly Live Round Sees a Total Win of €538,977
Monopoly Live Big Wins 06-12-2022

Monopoly Live Round Sees a Total Win of €538,977

The beginning of December proved to be very lucky for fans of Monopoly Live. We just had another exciting round on our hands, in which 1,461 players shared a total win of €538,977.

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Mr Monopoly ends his winning streak on Free Parking (112x)
Monopoly Live Big Wins 28-11-2022

€301,747 shared between 1,351 Monopoly Live players

You will probably remember the smart-looking Monopoly Live host from one of our previous stories. He brought luck the last time he was here, and his hand proved to be extremely lucky one more time.

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Monopoly Live host was speechless when the stopper ended up on the 4 Rolls Bonus.
Monopoly Live Big Wins 15-11-2022

3,048 Monopoly Live players share €1.5m

Even though we are approaching winter, it is still extremely hot in the Monopoly Live studio. November is also a month of exciting wins. This is a story of how a host got back-to-back Chances for the first time after a while, but not only that.

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Monopoly Live: €10.5m shared by 2,591 players
Monopoly Live Big Wins 01-11-2022

Monopoly Live: €10.7m shared by 2,591 players

It seems that Christmas came early this year for Monopoly Live players as we have witnessed one of the biggest wins ever on this live gameshow. The attractive host was so excited to deliver two Chance fields and a 4 Rolls Bonus in only 3 spins of the Wheel.

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Monopoly Live: 2 Rolls Deliver a 720X Multiplier
Monopoly Live Big Wins 01-11-2022

Monopoly Live: 2 Chances and 2 Rolls For an €866,455 Win

How would you feel if you saw a host in the Monopoly Live, studio do some breakdancing moves? Well, in the round we are talking about, players actually asked the host to do some breakdancing.

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Mr Monopoly lands on Park Lane to collect 125x - the biggest multiplier on the board!
Monopoly Live Big Wins 21-10-2022

€306,991 shared among 1,245 Monopoly Live winners

  Even though Autumn is here, and the days get colder and colder, it is always hot in the Monopoly Live studio. We are bringing you another interesting story, in which 1,245 players shared a win of €306,991. The story has a bit of a slow beginning, but the finish is awesome. Check out how […]

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Monopoly Live: Mayfair delivers a 500x multiplier
Monopoly Live Big Wins 14-10-2022

Monopoly Live 4 rolls Bonus lands a total win of €603,572

We don’t know if you have noticed this, but in several of our last Monopoly Live Big Wins reviews, only female hosts brought luck and significant wins to players. But here we finally have an exception because 1,118 players got to share a total of €603,572 at the golden hands of – finally – a […]

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