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Read about the latest big wins on Evolution’s Monopoly Live Game Show. We update this feed every week. Check out the best Monopoly Live wins here!

Monopoly Live: Player wins $2,800 in triple 2 Rolls Bonus
Monopoly Live Big Wins 13-05-2022

Monopoly Live: Player wins $2,800 in triple 2 Rolls Bonus

  Monopoly Live is a game of chance and your entire bet depends on the way someone spins the Monopoly Live Wheel. Even though everybody hopes to see Mr Monopoly on the board after almost every spin of the Wheel, it does not happen that often. There are not many players who can say that […]

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Monopoly Live: A cheerful host brings €682,298 to 1,052 players
Monopoly Live Big Wins 29-04-2022

Monopoly Live: 435x Multiplier awards €682,298 to 1,052 players

April is really turning out to be a very good month for Monopoly Live big wins. See how a cheerful host spun the Wheel and brought luck to 1,052 players with a Chance and a 2 Rolls Bonus. The Chance brought a 5x multiplier, while 2 rolls turned into 4 rolls in total, thanks to […]

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Monopoly Live: Chance and 4 Rolls Bonus give away €772,677
Monopoly Live Big Wins 21-04-2022

Monopoly Live: Chance and 4 Rolls Bonus give away €772,677

The newest video from Bonus Hunter encompasses several Monopoly Live big wins, but we have decided to describe the best of them. In this round, players had the pleasure of spending time with Mr Monopoly and a gorgeous host in a lovely dress. Apart from looking great, the host was lucky for 1,390 players, surprising […]

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Monopoly Live: Fencer GG Wins €17,000 on a €100 Bet
Monopoly Live Big Wins 18-04-2022

Fencer GG Wins €17,000 on a €100 Monopoly Live Gamble

We hope that you remember our old friend Fencer GG, the famous Monopoly Live Gamble fan that we wrote about some time ago. He came back after a while, with a prepared explanation about his betting strategy. He was trying to explain to his followers how they should place their bets so that they do […]

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Monopoly Live Park Lane 250x-multiplier
Monopoly Live Big Wins 11-04-2022

4 Rolls Monopoly Live Bonus Brings €161,848 to 594 Winners

It is always exciting in the Monopoly Live studio! The newest story is a perfect example of how a slow morning turns into an exciting round when the Wheel stops on the 4 Rolls Bonus. You will see how fast Mr Monopoly goes from sitting comfortably in his chair to delivering the biggest multiplier on […]

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Monopoly Live Park Lane: 300x multiplier
Monopoly Live Big Wins 04-04-2022

Monopoly Live Host ends shift with a €686,405 win

The hosts in the Monopoly Live studio are usually sharing their emotions with players, always chatting with them, celebrating when the Wheel shows Chances and Bonuses. This time, we do not have that kind of situation. The lovely host in this video was not prepared to make small talk with players. We reckon that it […]

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Monopoly Live: 4 Rolls Bonus
Monopoly Live Big Wins 24-03-2022

Monopoly Live: LetsGiveItASpin Crew Wins €21,000 on a €50 Bet

It is time for us to pay our old friends a visit. The LetsGiveItASpin crew deserved another article in the Monopoly Live Big Wins section, having turned a €50 bet into a €21,000 win. March is turning into a prosperous month for our players, and this text is yet another proof of that statement. The […]

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Monopoly Live: 64x multiplier
Monopoly Live Big Wins 17-03-2022

Monopoly Live: 3 Spins, 2 Chances and a 4 rolls bonus deliver €1,646,241

The beginning of March brought excitement and huge payouts in the Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live Studio. The newest big win story talks about two Chance fields and one 4 Rolls Bonus in only three spins of the Wheel. Given the fact that both Chances had resulted in 8x multipliers, the 64x total multiplier was taken […]

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Live Monopoly: The Angel Islington
Monopoly Live Big Wins 09-03-2022

Monopoly Live: A Great Night Ride Results in a €172,480 Win

Night howls among players will be pleased to know that the Evolution Monopoly Live Studio is not only working late into the night, but also tends to deliver delicious wins in the middle of the night. That was the case with a round that we will describe in this text. At the beginning of the […]

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Monopoly Live: Mayfair 100x multiplier
Monopoly Live Big Wins 04-03-2022

Live Monopoly: LetsGiveItASpin crew go from Zero to €24,000 in two 4-rolls bonuses

The exciting story from the LetsGiveItASpin crew is another proof of how Live Monopoly is one of the most exciting game shows in the iGaming industry. At the very beginning, they showed their balance, which was €0. In about 10 minutes, they went from zero to hero, or to €24,000, to be precise. It took […]

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