RiiSki Accidentally Wins $1,800 on Monopoly Live

On 23rd August, RiiSki, the online gambler that has around 20k followers on his YouTube channel, released an interesting video, called “How I accidentally won $1,800 on Monopoly Live”. This exciting story starts with a fact that RiiSky and his teammates wagered their last $10 on the 4 Rolls segment, leaving only $0.10 on their balance.

Thanks to Lady Luck, the Wheel stopped on 4 Rolls and took the old man to the board. The end result was a 180x multiplier, which delivered a total payout of $1,870, making RiiSki and his buddies ecstatic! Even though one of them said that Riiski was even now, getting back all of the money he had lost, Riiski himself stated that he even made a bit of profit.

RiiSki Hopes for Big Upgrades

Due to the fact that there hadn’t been any multipliers landed before the 4 Rolls segment, RiiSki and his teammates hoped that Mr Monopoly would be generous with field upgrades once he climbed the board. Almost all fields got upgraded multipliers, with the biggest one being 150x on Mayfair. The first roll of the dice delivered 11, rushing Rich Uncle Pennybags to Pall Mall, where a 7x multiplier had been waiting. The next stop was Marlborough Street, delivering a 5x multiplier.

RiiSki Accidentally Wins $1,800 on Monopoly Live
RiiSki Accidentally Wins $1,800 on Monopoly Live

Just when RiiSki and his friends were hoping for doubles, the third roll of the dice delivered two fours, awarding them an extra roll. Mr Monopoly then went to Leicester Square, where he collected a 9x multiplier. Even though our heroes hoped for an 11 on their fourth roll, they got a six, taking them to Oxford Street and delivering a 15x multiplier.

The Last Roll Delivers the Biggest Multiplier

RiiSki still needed bigger multipliers in order to recover from his previous losses, and he was screaming for a seven on the last roll of the dice. Lady Luck fulfilled his wish, resulting in a 150x multiplier on Mayfair. The crowd was ecstatic, and one of his teammates stated that RiiSki had recovered from all of his previous losses of the day.

As our hero was cheering and celebrating his victory, he decided to push his luck a bit further and placed a $50 bet on the next spin of the Wheel, hoping for the 5 segment. It seems that he overstayed his welcome in the house of Lady Luck because he lost the money. Even so, from the initial win of $1,870, he lost a total of $70 on the following spin, leaving him with a sweet $1,800 win.

It is important to say that RiiSki’s win was not even among the top 10 of the round. A total of $252,462 was shared among 433 lucky winners. Here is the list of the top 10 winners:

  1. bestinpk – $26,124
  2. yugi69 – $22,960
  3. Yoyo – $16,881
  4. Fahad – $13,062
  5. cwill – $9,762
  6. hirose-eisaka-8 – $9,143
  7. Roley – $5,739
  8. Sena – $5,224
  9. meythis – $5,069
  10. Tv1234 – $5,064

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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