Monopoly Live: SlotspinnerX wins €5,984 on a single spin

Another interesting story for our Monopoly Live Big Win section comes from SlotspinnerX, who managed to pocket a tasty win of €5,984 on a bet of €44. Our hero was sitting comfortably in his chair, while a lovely lady in a gorgeous dress was spinning the reels.

The Wheel stopped on 4 rolls and took the old man to the board. SlotspinnerX was hoping for some doubles, since he hadn’t seen any for quite a while. Even though Rich Uncle Pennybags ended up in jail on the very first roll, the final total multiplier of 135x was more than satisfying for all winners.

Mr Monopoly Ends Up In Jail On the First Roll

Once the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment, Monopoly Man went to the elevator that took him to the board. As he was stepping out on the game board, SlotspinnerX was asking for some doubles. Unfortunately, doubles did not occur on the first roll of the dice, which displayed 6 and 4, taking the old man straight to jail.

This did not affect SlotspinnerX in any way, because he thought that it was better for him to go further down the board and win nothing, since the biggest multipliers are always in the back, than to get a smaller number of steps and pocket a mere 5x multiplier.

Monopoly Man Ends His Stroll on Mayfair

The next roll took Rich Uncle Pennybags to Marylebone Station, where a 5x multiplier had been waiting. After that, the multipliers got better. The third roll of the dice delivered double threes, an extra roll, and a 15x multiplier.

Live Monopoly: SlotspinnerX Wins €5,984 on Single Monopoly Live Spin
Live Monopoly: Monopoly Man ends his stroll on Mayfair

Oxford Street was the next stop, revealing another 15x multiplier. This is where things really got interesting, because SlotspinnerX was praying for a 5 or a 7 on his final roll. One of these two numbers would take him to the biggest multipliers in the game.

It seems that Lady Luck had heard his prays, since the dice revealed 7, leading the old man straight to Mayfair, delivering a delicious 100x multiplier. As SlotspinnerX was celebrating the turn of fortune, a total of €5,984 ended up on his balance.

Here is the list of the top ten winners of the round:

  1. Ray – €32,790
  2. gulien – €28,288
  3. Letsgiveitaspin_ – €14,750
  4. leon39 – €8,943
  5. Natsarf – €8,850
  6. Ems – €7,375
  7. Let get us Rolls – €5,900
  8. janne – €5,900
  9. markoyugo – €5,900
  10. tplays – €5,289

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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