Streamer Hits 2 and 4 Roll Bonus Rounds with His Biggest Bet Ever

Using the 1x plus bonus rounds strategy, streamer TactPlaysGames entered the two rolls and four rolls bonus games after a £325 bet. To say he is excited is an understatement, but we love the passion here at

2 Rolls Bonus Round

Unfortunately, the bonus round did not begin well after a six roll took Mr Monopoly to Angel Islington and just a 2x multiplier. The next roll of five did get a bit better as it took him to Pall Mall which has a multiplier of 8x meaning that the total win was 10x and a total win of £3,250. Despite the bonus game, TactPlaysGames was still down overall in his session.

4 Rolls Bonus

TactPlaysGames entered this bonus round with another £325 bet. Unfortunately, a roll of a three resulted in one of the worst starts possible and a 1x bonus rom the Whitechapel Road property – where’s Jack the Ripper when you need him? A six roll followed and a 3x multiplier from Pentonville Road. Tact was calling for a double form the third spin, unfortunately it was another low roll of a five. Mr Monopoly walked over to Northumberland Avenue and a 6x. Now the final roll, or is it?

A double six was next up which means two things: firstly, a 9x from Leicester and secondly, another roll of the dice! Tact was calling for a double 1 which would mean hitting the hotel on Piccadilly which would result in a 40x (and another double). The roll, however, was a seven which means a Community Chest card. More bad news – Doctors fees meant that all players had to pay £1,625. The final bonus win was £4,875.

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