Monopoly Live: Two Chances and 2 Rolls Bonus for a 1,350x Multiplier

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The video released by BigBoss on 12th June brings us another exciting story from the Monopoly Live studio. This time, the smart-looking host managed to deliver two Chance fields and a 2 Rolls Bonus in only three spins of the Wheel.

It was clear that the host was extremely proud of himself for bringing joy and huge wins to all active players of the round. The best part of the story is that the 2 Rolls bonus ended with 4 rolls in total, thanks to doubles. The final result is a 1,350x multiplier applied on all active bets.

Monopoly Live host asks contestants to cross fingers and toes

The story begins with Monopoly Man sitting comfortably in his chair, smiling, and sipping his tea. During the first spin, when the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment for the first time, the host was not that excited. He just calmly invited Rich uncle Pennybags to stand up and reveal the multiplier. When the old man displayed a 5x multiplier, the host spun the Wheel for the second time.

This time, he was much more excited. He even asked all contestants to cross their fingers, and even their toes, for a successful spin. The pointer ended up on the Chance segment for the second time in a row. The host stated that his heart had skipped a beat. Mr Monopoly was still standing next to the Wheel, revealing another multiplier, giving a total multiplier of 50x.

Live Monopoly: 2 Chances & 2 Rolls Bonus award a 1,350x Multiplier
The final roll sees Monopoly Man go straight to Old Kent Road and collect a 200x multiplier, for a total multiplier of 1,350x!

Monopoly Live Doubles turn 2 rolls into 4 rolls

At this point, the host was getting super-excited. He even started having trouble with his stomach, because he had had a huge meal before his shift started. The Wheel stopped on the 2 Rolls Bonus field, taking Mr Monopoly straight to the board. Before the beginning of the round, the 50x multiplier previously acquired from Chance had been applied to all fields.

It is important to mention that every roll resulted in big numbers, allowing the old man to cross the entire board during the bonus. The first roll took Mr Monopoly to Pall Mall, delivering a 400x multiplier. The first doubles came after the second roll. Again, big numbers (double sixes), and a quick stop at Fleet Street (500x). The third roll delivered second doubles, again double sixes. Rich uncle Pennybags went straight to Liverpool Street Station, where a 250x multiplier had been waiting.

Before the fourth roll, everybody was hoping for either a 2 or a 4, which would secure one of the two biggest multipliers of the round. Park Lane offered 10,000x, and 25,000x had been waiting at Mayfair. Unfortunately, the final roll made Monopoly Man go straight to Old Kent Road and collect a 200x multiplier.

Nevertheless, the total multiplier of 1,350x made all players extremely happy.

You can watch the round play out here and share the excitement.

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