Two Chances and 4 Rolls Deliver Sweet Payouts

The latest story in our Big Wins section comes from Extreme Gamer, who was kind enough to release an interesting video on YouTube. The story involves two hosts and several interesting spins of the Wheel, where players got two Chance fields and one 4 Rolls segment, which delivered a sweet 56x multiplier.

Initially, the round on Monopoly Live did not look promising, since our first host, Arthur, did not deliver plenty of payouts, but everything changed once Kristof came to the studio and replaced his colleague behind the Wheel.

The Switch of Hosts Results in Turn of Fortune

Players were not that happy with Arthur’s performance, because he hadn’t been that successful with spinning the Wheel. Arthur left and Kristof came for a sweet turn of fortune. It took the new host only two spins of the Wheel to make it stop on the Chance field. Mr Monopoly stood up from his chair and delivered a tasty 8x multiplier.

Monopoly Live: The Switch of Hosts Results in Turn of Fortune
Monopoly Live: The Switch of Hosts Results in Turn of Fortune

Everybody was eager to see where the Wheel would stop on the following spin, and, as Lady Luck would have it, the gamer whose video we were watching had won €425 on a €25 bet, since the Wheel stopped on number 2.

New Chance and 4 Rolls Occur on Next Spins

As one of the players stated his love for Kristof after a successful spin, where one of the contestants had won €4,715, our handsome host spun the Wheel again, and it once more stopped on the Chance field, delivering a 2x multiplier. This was only the beginning, because the next spin made the old man go straight to the board, since the Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment.

Apart from applying all the standard multipliers once Monopoly Man got to the board, all multipliers were instantly doubled, thanks to the 2x from the Chance segment. The first roll of the dice delivered double fours, totalling the number of rolls to 5.

Rich Uncle Pennybags’ first stop delivered 6x. The following roll took Mr Monopoly to the West Train Station, where a 10x multiplier had been waiting. Roll number 3 also took the old man to a Train Station, only this time he went to the North, but the multiplier remained the same – 10x. After collecting a 30x multiplier on the fourth roll of the dice, Lady Luck turned her back on all players, since the final roll took Monopoly Man to the field where an import tax of 20% had to be paid, so everybody lost a bit of their winnings.

As for our hero, Extreme Gamer, he walked away with a tasty payout of €1,374. Here is the list of the top ten winners of the round:

  1. mysterio – €5,081
  2. apple – €4,112
  3. Flori – €2,290
  4. Poulacho – €2,290
  5. johnscarfe100 – €2,048
  6. Max2303 – €1,374
  7. maissssluss – €1,145
  8. bellobell104(SC) – €1,145
  9. Sandy – €1,028
  10. Let get us Rolls – €916

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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