Live Monopoly Wheel Lands on 2 Rolls 4 Times in 13 Spins

Courtesy of JuhuDiePie, who released a video on YouTube this September, we have the opportunity to watch an interesting round of Monopoly Live, where 1,211 players had the pleasure of sharing the €55,327. The biggest win was recorder by takuro01, who walked away with €7,288, but that is not the most interesting part of the story.

During the 13 spins recorded by JuhuDiePie, the Wheel stopped on the 2 Rolls segment four times, and the last round on the board delivered the most, and that is why we decided to share the tale with all Monopoly Live fans.

Players Didn’t Win Much The First Three Times

We would have liked if we could say that Mr Monopoly had delivered loads of cash to all players on his first three outings on the board, but, sadly, that was not the case. The first visit to the board was probably so lame that JuhuDiePie did not even want to record it.

On his second visit to the board, Monopoly Man landed on Chance, where 3x had been waiting, and on his second stop an 8x multiplier came out. The third outing was also far from successful, offering a total multiplier of 14x.

Monopoly’s Old Man Delivers Decent Wins at the Very End

The lovely lady in red decided it was time for a real power spin, so she spun the wheel as fast as she could. The wheel stopped on 2 Rolls again. It was quite a while before Mr Monopoly had been on the board, so he was more than happy to climb out there and deliver wins.

Live Monopoly Wheel Lands on 2 Rolls 4 Times in 13 Spins

Our hero, JuhuDiePie, did not expect much of this round either, but, since fortune follows the brave, it was the time to turn 2 rolls into a total of 6 rolls, thanks to loads of doubles. Rich Uncle Pennybags had managed to pass the Go field and doubled all multipliers on the board.

The final result of the round was a 39x multiplier, and the total of €55,327, shared among 1,211 lucky winners. JuhuDiePie ended the game with meagre €11,70 in his pockets, but some other players really had a field day.

  1. takuro01 – €7,288
  2. jiyan56 – €6,099
  3. tanerss – €1,829
  4. salo – €1,481
  5. Enricofred – €1,365
  6. cobyb123123333 – €997
  7. MrMambo – €975
  8. lou – €907
  9. ppp – €847
  10. MKH – €823

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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