Xposed Enjoys Legendary Wins Playing Monopoly Live

This particular story simply had to find its place in Monopoly Live Big Wins segment because such a round can be considered as legendary. Codeman from Xposed is our hero, and his tale is so fantastic that we wouldn’t believe it if Big Win Casino hadn’t post it on YouTube. This is by far one of the most successful Monopoly gamble results achieved so far!

Codeman had decided to bet big in these sessions and Lady Luck smiled upon him and rewarded him with a total win of $65,725, leaving Codeman ecstatic! Our hero was rather emotional during each round, so those of you with weak hearts should not watch the video.

The First 4 Rolls Bonus Rewards Codeman With $37,700

At the very beginning of the video, it was easy to conclude that Codeman was not one of those calm players, but rather passionate. As he was celebrating the fact that he had managed to get a 4 Rolls Bonus on a $325 bet, the old man went to the board. The first roll of the dice was far from promising, taking Rich Uncle Pennybags to Income Tax field, reducing the prize by 10%.

Monopoly Live Xposed Enjoys Legendary Wins
Monopoly Live: Xposed Enjoys Legendary Wins

After that, things looked way better, because on the following three rolls he won a 5x multiplier on the Electric Company, $3,250 on Chance, and, as a cherry on top of the cake came Oxford Street, delivering a 100x multiplier, leaving Codeman with a win of $37,700. The total win of the round was $115,795, divided among 329 lucky players.

Two More 4 Rolls Bonuses Follow Soon After

You can only imagine how happy Codeman was after such a huge win, but it was only the beginning, because soon after that another 4 Rolls Bonus was triggered. During this round, there had been two doubles, so a total of 6 rolls of the dice occurred. Again, Codeman’s initial bet had been set on $325, and his total win of the round was $17,875.

Now, most of the players would have been satisfied with such a win and call it a day, but, it appears to be that Codeman is not an ordinary player, so he decided to test his luck to the max. And he was right to do so, because soon after the second came the third 4 Rolls Bonus round.

In this round, we had one doubles and a total of 5 rolls. This was the slimmest round when it comes to the total payout, getting Codeman $10,150, but he did not care much about that, because his total win in these three rounds came up to amazing $65,725.

Here you can watch the entire bonus round.

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