Xposed Lands $42,400 Win Playing Monopoly Live

Codeman from Xposed had an awesome beginning of 2021! Once again, an amazing round of Monopoly Live earned him a place in the Big Wins section. This time, our hero managed to pocket a delicious win of $42,400, with a $200 bet, securing the top spot on the winning list. As he had said himself, this was his greatest Monopoly Live session ever.

Even though the round was conducted by a host Codeman did not like, he eventually brought luck to Xposed. In the end, the Wheel stopped on the Four Rolls segment. With three doubles, there had been 7 rolls in total. The result was a tasty 211x win multiplier.

Codeman Gets Luck From a Host He Dislikes

At the very beginning of the Monopoly Live round, Codeman stated that he did not like the host. He considered him to be a very bad host. Little did he know that this “bad host” would secure him the best Monopoly Round ever. The beginning of the session did not promise a happy ending, which only makes our story even better.

After several futile spins, the Wheel finally stopped on the 4 Rolls segment, leaving Xposed ecstatic! While Codeman celebrated in his chair, Monopoly Man calmly folded his newspapers and went to the board. The old man added multipliers on random positions, which made our hero extremely happy.

Three Doubles Turn 4 Rolls into Seven Rolls

The very first roll of the dice resulted in doubles, revealing two sixes. Our hero was jumping around, while Rich Uncle Pennybags went to the Electric Company, snatching a 5x multiplier. It rarely happens that you get double sixes twice in a row, but that was the case with Codeman in this round. It secured him an additional roll of the dice and a 6x multiplier on Trafalgar Square.

Roll number three almost resulted in jail time, but, fortunately, the old man missed the jail for one spot and stopped on Regent Street, winning a 20x multiplier.

Live Monopoly: Xposed Lands $42,400 Win Playing

The fourth roll delivered the biggest multiplier of the round, 150x on Mayfair, with another doubles.

After passing the Go field, all multipliers doubled, and roll number 5 took Mr Monopoly to Euston Road. The final two rolls of the dice delivered multipliers of 12x each, and the celebration could start. In the end, Codeman even stated that the host was probably one of the best dealers he played with. A big win of $42,400 certainly made hit change his mind!

Here is the list of the top ten winners of the round:

  1. Codeman – $42,400
  2. mr_andr – $28,640
  3. WhiteBassil – $20,471
  4. Fahad – $15,980
  5. Azz – $15,900
  6. 444 – $15,852
  7. Vanmecca – $12,987
  8. Lucky – $8,597
  9. Mike – $7,420
  10. Alkolil12 – $6,493

Here you can watch the entire round.

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