Monopoly Live host
Big Wins 04-12-2020

Final Roll Proves Crucial in 4 Rolls Bonus

In Chinese culture, the red colour represents happiness, beauty, good luck, and success. It seems that the Chinese tradition had brought luck to all players in one of the latest rounds of Monopoly Live, thus securing a place in our Big Wins section. We started our story with red because the bearer of a tasty […]

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Monopoly Live wheel spinning
Big Wins 26-11-2020

A Total of 991 Players Win a Tasty 533x Multiplier

Another fun afternoon in the Monopoly Live studio! A total of 991 players have enjoyed a tasty 533x multiplier after a very exciting 4 Rolls Bonus round. At the very beginning of the video, competitors were not that happy with what the host had been doing behind the Wheel. Also, the host was not satisfied […]

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Monopoly Live host waving
Big Wins 19-11-2020

Monopoly Live Awards Another Cool Multiplier

It seems that November will be a really hot month in Monopoly Live, due to the fact that plenty of big wins have been recorded at the beginning of the month. Forget about the upcoming winter, forget about the cold weather, stay at home and have fun with Rich Uncle Pennybags. Wheel Tracker released a […]

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20x Multiplier on Monopoly Live 2 Rolls bonus round
Big Wins 16-11-2020

Monopoly Live Delivers 640x Multiplier

Another quiet afternoon in the Monopoly Live studio was turned on its back, thanks to one of the rewarding rounds that occurred this November. It only took three rolls of the Wheel to deliver a total 640x multiplier to all players in the round. Instead of listening to a dull story about favourite drinks, contestants […]

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Monopoly Live 4 Rolls Bonus Round
Big Wins 06-11-2020

Two Chances Precede 4 Rolls to Deliver 940x Multiplier

Thanks to Wheel Tracker, who released an interesting video on 20th October 2020, we had the pleasure of watching an exciting round of Monopoly Live, where the lovely lady host spun the Wheel three times, delivering two Chances and one 4 Rolls field. First of all, the Wheel stopped on the Chance segment, and Mr […]

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Mr Monopoly lands on Mayfair
Big Wins 30-10-2020

SlotspinnerX Wins €5,984 on Single Monopoly Live Spin

Another interesting story for our Monopoly Live Big Win section comes from SlotspinnerX, who managed to pocket a tasty win of €5,984 on a bet of €44. Our hero was sitting comfortably in his chair, while a lovely lady in a gorgeous dress was spinning the reels. The Wheel stopped on 4 rolls and took […]

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Monopoly Live Wheel Stopped on 4 Rolls Segment o
Big Wins 23-10-2020

A 10x Multiplier and 4 Rolls Award €315,858

A video posted by Bonus Hunter on YouTube this October brought us an interesting round of Monopoly Live, where a total of €315,858 had been won. Thanks to the generous host, the Wheel first stopped on the Chance field, and Mr Monopoly revealed a 10x multiplier. Immediately after that, the Wheel stopped on the 4 […]

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Monopoly Live Hosts Change
Big Wins 15-10-2020

Two Chances and 4 Rolls Deliver Sweet Payouts

The latest story in our Big Wins section comes from Extreme Gamer, who was kind enough to release an interesting video on YouTube. The story involves two hosts and several interesting spins of the Wheel, where players got two Chance fields and one 4 Rolls segment, which delivered a sweet 56x multiplier. Initially, the round […]

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Monopoly Live Wheel landing on 2 Rolls segment
Big Wins 09-10-2020

Wheel Lands on 2 Rolls 4 Times in 13 Spins

Courtesy of JuhuDiePie, who released a video on YouTube this September, we have the opportunity to watch an interesting round of Monopoly Live, where 1,211 players had the pleasure of sharing the €55,327. The biggest win was recorder by takuro01, who walked away with €7,288, but that is not the most interesting part of the […]

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Monopoly Live Most Valuable Fields
Big Wins 01-10-2020

Kim & Blanco From LetsGiveItASpin Win €14,750

One of the live streams released by Kim and Blanco from LetsGiveItASpin was particularly interesting for us. During their live video, the wheel was spun 6 times and in those six times, it stopped three times on the 4 Rolls segment. Mr Monopoly’s last outing on the board was the most successful one, giving LetsGiveItASpin […]

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