Monopoly Live 4 Rolls Bonus Round Highlights
Big Wins 21-08-2020

Multipliers Doubled as Mr Monopoly Passes GO

Thanks to Proxii TV, we had the pleasure of watching an interesting video concerning a certain round at Monopoly Live that took place this July. The Wheel stopped on the 4 Rolls segment and took the old man to the board. His stroll resulted in a 97x total multiplier. The total amount won was $98,236, […]

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Monopoly Live Bonus Round Winnings
Big Wins 14-08-2020

2 Rolls Bonus Delivers 543x Multiplier

The beginning of August was particularly hot for players following a round in Monopoly Live studio, thanks to a slow start, and some huge wins delivered at the very end. On 8th August, Crazyrightmeow released a video of a game in which 941 players shared a total of €826,171. The biggest win of the round […]

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Streamer AyeZee gets 4 Rolls Bonus
Big Wins 05-08-2020

Double Chance and 4 Rolls See AyeZee Win €20,800

On June 27th 2020, AyeZee, a full-time casino streamer, released a video on Youtube, where he played Monopoly Live, earning a place in our Big Wins section. AyeZee was talking to his followers and to other players in the round, while a smart-looking man was spinning the Wheel. The round in question saw back-to-back Chance […]

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Evolution Gaming Monopoly Live
Big Wins 30-07-2020

Back-to-Back Rolls and 8x Multiplier Deliver $580,000 Total Payout

Evolution Gaming host Agris was the one spinning the Wheel in Monopoly Live in our latest Big Wins story, which the players did not really appreciate. It was said that Agris never delivered good Bonus rounds. This was about to change as the smart-looking man in a dark suit spun the Wheel, which first stopped […]

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Monopoly Live Big Win
Big Wins 23-07-2020

Monopoly Live Pays Out €430,115 to 485 Lucky Winners

One of the gamers who played Monopoly Live on 19th July was good enough to release a video in which 485 lucky winners won a share of €430,115, earning a place in our Big Wins section. Such a hot day in July simply demanded some hot action on the board, and Rich Uncle Pennybags did […]

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Famous streamers win big in Monopoly Live
Big Wins 13-07-2020

LetsGiveItASpin Guys Win €16,500 on Monopoly Live

According to Kim and Blanco from Let’s Give it a Spin, Monopoly Live represents “one of the most frustrating and fun casino table games out there”. In one of their newest posts, the famous streamers showed us how they managed to pocket a total of €16,500 from an initial €50 bet. On June 5th, Let’s […]

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Monopoly Live 9600x Bonus Win
Big Wins 09-06-2020

9,600x World Record Win on Monopoly Live

Courtesy of one of the players who recorded the game he was playing on Monopoly Live, we enjoyed watching an amazing round, which resulted in a total win of £2,210,943! Even though the winnings were shared among 153 players, the top wins went through the roof, with the biggest one being £266,976! We had plenty […]

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Big Wins 20-02-2020

Over €4,000,000 Won as 80x Multiplier is Applied to 4 Rolls Bonus

One cold day in February proved very fortunate for quite a few of Monopoly Live fans as an incredible multiplier preceded a 4 Rolls Bonus! A mind-blowing total of €4,063,417 was shared among 478 players who were participating and the top payout of the round was €444,719! A series of lucky events lead to a […]

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Big Wins 15-02-2020

Player Wins Over €500,000 in 4 Rolls Bonus

January 2020 was particularly lucky for a certain Dannn because he managed to pocket an amazing €512,710 playing Monopoly Live! Evolution Gaming released a video on 21st January on their official youtube channel, where one of the biggest wins of all time occurred. The Wheel first landed on the Chance field, awarding players with a […]

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1,000x multiplier win on Monopoly Live
Big Wins 07-01-2020

The ClassyBeef Boys Hit an Insane 1,000x Base Game Win

The ClassyBeef guys really do like to win, don’t they. The famous casino streamers managed to hit two 10x chances in a row before landing the original bet on number 10, resulting in a €30,000 payout. With the original €30 they wagered on segment 10 turning into €30,000, this has got to be one of […]

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